Hall Marine Design has been at the forefront of New Zealand powerboat design, since 2007.

Based in the sunny Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. The HMD team are experienced fishermen, powerboat, and ocean enthusiasts – whose visionary design solutions exist in that elusive sweet spot where form and function merge seamlessly.

HMD have an ever growing range of diverse powerboat designs, including notable custom and production trailer boats, to large world-class motor yacht designs.

You can find Hall Marine-designed recreational and commercial vessels running on all corners of the globe, from USA to Europe and Asia – and of course, all over New Zealand



Your dreams are big. Too big for some.

They see with limited vision; while you see a limited edition.

You see a boat like no other. A masterpiece designed to transcend the sum of its parts.

A vehicle that doesn’t just transport you, but transports you to a place you have long been searching for.

You feel more alive than you can remember. And that’s when you find it.

Pure Freedom.


The Team

Jarrod Hall


Establishing Hall Marine Design (formerly Maxwell and Hall) in 2007, Jarrod is the driving force behind the company's growth and development. Completing a degree in Marine Design, Jarrod was quick to establish himself as a leader in aluminium boat design in New Zealand.

You could say boats are his life with skills and experience in both design and construction. A huge passion for all types of fishing, Jarrod loves nothing more than a dive or hunt with his mates, or hanging with his wife Kirsty and two daughters

Simon Middleton

Marine Designer / Naval Architect

Simon studied as a Naval Architecture (B-Eng(Hons) specialising in yacht and small craft design. His studying was spent half at Auckland University of Technology before finishing his degree at the Australian Maritime College, specialising in yacht and small craft design.
Simon adds plenty of fresh ideas to the table

Simon has a love for sports and was in the NZ under 19 cricket world cup squad 2012, he also received an outward-bound scholarship.
His other passions include hunting, fishing and 4x4ing which he does in-between rebuilding his motorbike.


You will find HMD designed vessels on all corners of the globe, from USA to Europe and Asia – and, of course, all over New Zealand

Our jet boat designs are being built in both North Carolina, USA and Busan, South Korea, to service clients in both Europe and Asia. Our Purekraft kitset models have been assembled in South Korea and are big sellers throughout New Zealand and Australia.

And of course our custom designs are built all over the globe.

It is the world renowned New Zealand Marine Industry that serves as our backbone.  Our experienced and knowledgeable boaties combined with strong competition has pushed us to design ever better boats. We have built a reputation for strong, dependable and well engineered boats, custom designed specifically for your needs.

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