The power is in your hands. Enjoy the challenge of building your own masterpiece, with peace of mind that it’s designed to be fit for purpose, robust, and supported by our helpful team.


We believe boats are all about freedom.

The freedom to go anywhere and do anything.

The freedom of the ocean and all the adventures it holds.

And the freedom to build your own kickass boat and make your mates green with envy.

Purekraft kitsets are designed with freedom, so you can experience it.





800 HT

800 HT

720 HT

720 HT

630 HT

630 HT

630 CC

630 CC

620 Cuddy Cabin

620 Cuddy Cabin

550 CC

550 CC

550 Cuddy

550 Cuddy


Its a dream of nearly every boat lover, the romantic idea of building your own vessel with your own hands, with Hall Marine Designs wide range of kitset designs it couldn’t be easier.


Check out our full range online. For any extra information on any of our models feel free to email or contact our experienced team.


Simply purchase your model of choice via phone or email.


Your order will be processed, CNC cut and delivered to your location. Kits are sent as flat packs to reduce shipping costs.  Construct the boat yourself or organise a qualified boat builder to complete the hot work and fit out.


Parts that require folding are inked marked with fold lines and a fold angle. Simply fold the parts to the angle with the specified fold bar and begin assembly.


The beauty of a CNC cut design comes through when you begin to assemble the boat. Parts slot together quickly and easily, with ink markings where parts meet and are to be welded. Detailed construction drawings are also supplied.


With the hot work done, the boat will now be fitted out with your motor, seats and paint of choice, how far you take it is up to you.


Once on the water you will quickly see why Hall Marine Design is one of the best in the business. A Hall Marine Design hull provides a smooth, dry ride and great performance.


The designs are provided as a FLAT PACK / KITSET which is CNC router cut and supplied with COMPREHENSIVE CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS

All of the kitset’s include all of the alloy plate required to build the boat, unlike some other kit boats on the market that only include the exterior shell.

(Please note no extruded aluminum is included in the kit, but can be supplied at extra cost.)

The kit arrives as a flat pack to save on shipping costs.

Flat pack trailer kits are also available for all models and Hall Marine Design has secured great pricing on a full trailer component kit.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss this further +64 (0)7 282 7188

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