What is your dream boat?

Do you have an idea, a vision for something different? Do the so called features on your current boat just not cut it when push comes to shove?

Lets Talk.

Hall Marine Design specializes in bespoke designs, where dreams become reality, where you can be sure to stand out form the crowd. We understand that a new build is a huge decision and pride ourselves on guiding and helping you every step of the way. Our talented team is experienced in a diverse range of design and manufacturing backgrounds, and will pick up on the details you may have missed.

The Custom Design Process

Brief and Discovery

The Hall Marine Design Team is passionate about helping you design and build your dream boat. The first stage is to meet with our talented team to discuss your desired features and requirements.

Design Proposal

Once engaged, Hall Marine Design first develops a study plan of the proposed concept, giving the client a clear understanding of the exterior styling and interior layout. Changes and developments can be made by the team before we start with the next stage.


Using our powerful CAD software Hall Marine Design will develop an exciting and accurate 3D design. With a full visualization of the boat we are able to gain a full understanding of the vessels lines, usability and ergonomics.


With the initial 3D design completed Hall Marine Design calculate weight studies and hydrodynamic analysis to ensure optimum performance.


A router cut flat-pack is delivered to the boat builder of choice. Hall Marine Design provides constant support throughout the build process. Detailed construction drawings and  3D Screen shots are supplied providing  a seamless process.


The satisfaction of your bespoke design will set in once you hit the water. You will quickly discover why a Hall Marine Design is one of the best in the business.

Hall Marine Design provides the following

Naval architecture and Marine design.

2d and 3d CAD modelling, rendering and promotional material.

Study plans and detailed drawings.

Weight studies and hull analysis.

CNC cut files and nested cut files.

Plan approval / survey consultation.

Design Consultation.