marine design
The client meets with our team to discuss the project via phone, skype or in person. Hall Marine’s team will identify the wants, needs and requirements of the individual project.
This is a incredibly valuable meeting with many of our clients having a great idea of the basic requirements and aesthetic look they are after but are often yet to consider other variables e.g. weight, engines, propulsion, systems, safety and marine regulations and requirements.


Building on our initial meeting the Hall Marine Design team will research the latest aesthetic styles, trends and construction techniques that may be applicable to the project.
Concept sketches and designs will be produced and refined using multiple mediums from simple paper and pen to CAD modelling. These sketched will be refined and presented to the client for the first review.


This is where the project comes to life, the longest part of the design process is also the most critical. The development phase involves taking the selected concept and producing an exciting and accurate design in our powerful CAD software.
From here, we can calculate weight studies, estimate performance characteristics and gain maximum value and usability. The client is constantly kept in the loop throughout the development phase, with feed back vital throughout the process.
When the client is happy we proceed through to final design.


Once our design is finalized, our engineering phase takes place. It’s the nitty-gritty part of the project, making sure all construction and aesthetic details are perfect, finalized and ready for construction.
Photo realistic renders can be produced if required by the client for promotion material.


Once all engineering details have been finalized, we begin the process of unrolling the CAD Drawing of the boat and preparing the design for router cutting. Knicks and slots are added to the parts if required. Parts are nested onto standard sized aluminium sheets, with and emphasis on maximizing material. Tool paths are controlled via computer numerical control (CNC). A CNC router can reduce waste, frequency of errors, and the time the finished product takes to get to market. These parts are marked with fold lines and degree of the fold then flat packed and delivered direct to the chosen builder. Ready to be folded and welded with millimeter tolerances.


Hall Marine can also oversee the manufacture of our boats. Custom design can bring custom problems and we are happy to liaise with our wide range of builders and suppliers to ensure a build is on budget and on time. Upon launching, Hall Marine will assist with sea trials and any setup and custom configurations required.